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Get to know why Dr. Kendrick Roberson deserves your vote! 

Successful Leadership in afge

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Proud Two-Term Chair of
National AFGE Y.O.U.N.G. Committee

Y.O.U.N.G. stands for Young Organizing Unionist of the Next Generation. The National Y.O.U.N.G. Committee is made up of District representatives from across the nation. Dr. Roberson has been the elected chair for the past 5 years, and the committee has had great successes as shown below.  

Y.O.U.N.G. Accomplishments with Chair Roberson

  • Created Robert's Rules training so that members won't be silenced in AFGE meetings, and delivered dozens of trainings nationally.

  • Created the AFGE Bridging Union Gaps (B.U.G.) campaign to increase solidarity within AFGE across agencies and locals.

  • Created the first ever "Organizing YOUNG Workers" training that teaches coordinators how to successfully run events at the local level. 

  • Created AFGE's FIRST union podcast, which has now released its second season (tune in).

  •  Convinced the AFGE NEC to adopt a resolution to greenify our AFGE conventions.

  • Passed a convention resolution to change AFGE's constitution so that it would protect AFGE members from bullying and harassment. 

  • When facemasks were scarce at the beginning of the pandemic, YOUNG provided for the first AFGE facemasks to be available to locals for purchase and delivery to their members.

Founder and two-term chair of afge black

2023- BLACK Dee and Kendrick.jpeg

B.L.A.C.K. stands for Black Leaders Advancing Change and Knowledge, and is a constituency group that lifts the issues disproportionately impacting Black Federal and DC employees. Dr. Roberson was a founder of AFGE B.L.A.C.K. in 2020, and has been the elected chair for the past 4 years. Check out the impact of AFGE B.L.A.C.K. below! 

B.L.A.C.K. Accomplishments with Chair Roberson

  • Administered a National Survey to uncover the issues most impacting AFGE's Black members. This was to ensure our programming was membership driven.

  • Partnered with UCLA researchers to produce a report on racial pay inequity and racial discrimination across the federal government. This aids in WFP's efforts to combat racial discrimination in promotions for all racial and ethnic groups.

  • Created the Annual Black Law Enforcement Panel, which is the ONLY solidarity programming to bridge the gap between AFGE Law Enforcement and the rest of AFGE. 

  • Worked with National EEO attorneys to create a racial discrimination training that focused on adverse action and non-selection- two issues raised by Black AFGE members as the most pressing concerns. The training helped all of AFGE. 

  •  Held AFGE BLACK Labor week, where Dr. Roberson was able to interview a Civil Rights Living legend, Reverend James Lawson. 

2023- BLACK mixer group photo.jpeg

Elected district 12 representative to
AFGE's National Human rights Committee

AFGE's National Human Rights Committee is made up of 24 elected officials across AFGE's 12 Districts. Dr. Kendrick Roberson is the elected District 12 National Fair Practices and Affirmative Action Coordinator, and has had great accomplishments while on the HRC.  

Accomplishments with Human Rights Committee

  • Developed a resolution for AFGE to prioritize fighting to change the EEO damages limit. This limit has not been updated since 1991, and as such, justice is not being served for our members who experience discrimination in the workplace. 

  • Delivered EEO trainings straight to AFGE locals in District 12, at no cost to them, and advised on their current cases. 

  • Filled the role of teacher at the Human Rights Trainings in 2022 and 2023, specifically teaching the class titled, "Racial Justice is Real." 

  • Developed SMART Goals presentation for locals to use when planning for the appraisal process. Helps members ensure they are judged fairly and accurately when they are reviewed for their work. 

  • Led discrimination roundtables at Sisters Keeper Summits to ensure member voices and concerns are uplifted at the national level. 

  • Dr. Roberson became a certified National Equalizer, enabling him to fight and advise on Discrimination across District 12. 

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