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The Compton Clean-Up Success!

Compton Is Changing

The idea behind the Compton Clean-Up was to love on Compton. Understandably, Compton is often categorized as a bad, dangerous neighborhood. However, the Compton community is changing for the better, and has been changing for years. Since 2002, murders, assaults, and burglaries have all declined 33%, 44%, and 50% respectively! The Compton community has been teaming up with organizations from all over who are dedicated to creating a positive change in Compton!

As Compton is continuing to change for the better, the aesthetic of community must change as well. Unfortunately, many areas of Compton are dilapidated and covered in trash. Fortunately, organizations are already starting to address this community issue. The Compton Initiative, for example, has been working to revitalize the community by painting houses. Every three months, they bring out hundreds of people to work hard and love on Compton. If you want to join them, click here for a link to their page and find out the next date.

The Compton Clean-Up was brought forth under the same mindset of loving on Compton. On a brisk Saturday morning, members of the Compton Community, as well as members of neighboring communities, came together and picked up HUNDREDS of pounds of trash from Compton streets, alleyways, and parks. It was amazing to see so many people of different ethnicities and backgrounds coming together to make Compton a better place. Cleaning up trash from the streets inspires pride in the community members, and helps foster a sense of community ownership. Inspiring pride in the community is very important for continuing the positive changes in the city.

The defining moments of the Compton Clean-Up, were when passersby who saw folks picking up trash, decided to join in and pick up trash as well. That was major. The people of the community are inspired by each other. This event will happen again. If you would like to be notified of the next Compton Clean-Up, please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Together, we will #LoveOnCompton again!


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